We love you to pieces, but as of May 2022 we have officially stopped selling homebrew supplies.

The pandemic forced all of us to make some pretty gnarly changes, and some of the biggest ones for us were the need to increase our focus on beer distribution and the inability to have customers shop in-person in our homebrew shop. In the end, our beloved scrappy little homebrew shop was occupying space we needed for more grain, more cans, more kegs, and more awesome beer.

We know this news is a bit of a bummer, but the good news is that closing the shop frees us up to do some REALLY cool things as the brewery continues to grow at lightning speed. And trust us, things are going to get even more awesome.

We will continue exchanging 5-lb CO2 tanks over the bar for the foreseeable future - just bring in your empty and hit up one of the bartenders during taproom hours - and have a beer while you're at it!